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ABOUT ME - more
My Journey

I completed my undergraduate and honors degree in Genetics at Stellenbosch

University and went on to obtain an MSc (Med) in Genetic Counselling

from the University of Cape Town in 2006.


Following the completion of my internship training and registration with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa, I moved to London to gain experience in this emerging field where I spent 10 years. I started off working as a research genetic counsellor at University College London for two years followed by 8 years working as a Cancer Genetic Counsellor at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

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My Ties to Genetic Counselling

In recent years genetic technology has become more accessible to individuals in South Africa and this is going to continue to increase in the future. The invaluable experience I gained while working the UK has provided me with the skills and confidence needed to establish my own practice. 


This knowledge and many years of experience allows me to address the needs of my patients with confidence and empathy while providing the relevant information in a caring and supportive manner. I am passionate about patient care and empowering individuals to make informed decisions that impact on their health management.


I spent many years specialising mainly in Cancer Genetics,

however in recent years my focus has shifted to include reproductive genetics.

I look forward to connecting with you,

if you have any questions you are welcome to send them to me here.

Our services - more

Anyone who is concerned about the personal risk of a genetic condition,

the risk to a child or future child may benefit from a genetic counselling consultation.


Below are some of the services offered,

if you have any other concerns you are welcome to get in touch with me here.

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Cancer Genetics

This involves assessing the likelihood of a hereditary contribution

to a personal or family history of cancer.


A detailed medical and family history will be taken to provide a personalized cancer risk assessment.

This information will be used to discuss if and how genetic testing may be beneficial, and how the possible test results may impact on treatment and preventative options as well as screening plans for the individual and wider family members.




Reproductive genetic counselling encompasses consultations that take place at different times during the reproductive pathway.


Couples may want to discuss the risk of a genetic condition in a future pregnancy, clarify the risk to an ongoing pregnancy or may want to determine if there is a genetic cause for an early pregnancy loss.


There are various tests that may be appropriate along the reproductive pathway only some are mentioned below.

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

Pre-Conception Carrier


We are all carriers of different recessive conditions, often with no family history of the condition.


If both partners are carriers of the same recessive condition, there may be a risk of having a child affected with a genetic condition.


Carrier screening provides information to couples who have an increased risk to enable a discussion about reproductive options.


Genetic Testing (PGT)

This is genetic testing that is done in combination with IVF treatment, either to avoid passing on a known genetic condition (PGT-M) or to select embryos with the correct number of chromosomes (PGT-A) to increase the chance of a successful pregnancy.



This is genetic testing done to clarify the risk to an ongoing pregnancy either due to a risk of a known genetic condition, or risk factors identified during the pregnancy.


This includes screening tests like non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) which provides information about common chromosome abnormalities during pregnancy, as well as diagnostic tests like chorionic villus sampling (CVS) and amniocentesis.



Couples who have had genetic testing done following a pregnancy loss may benefit from a discussion of the results as this will guide further investigations.


Consultations are available to discuss the possibility of an underlying genetic cause for multiple pregnancy losses and provide guidance regarding appropriate genetic tests.


If your child has recently received a genetic diagnosis it will often leave you with many questions.


This consultation aims to address these questions, we will discuss what the diagnosis means for your child, for you and other children, and the chance of recurrence in future pregnancies.

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Genetic counselling is available for adults who are at risk of an adult onset condition, for example due to a strong family history of heart disease, dementia, visual impairment.


Where appropriate genetic testing options will be reviewed as well as understanding what genetic test results may mean.


For adults with a known diagnosis of a genetic condition, we can discuss the impact of this diagnosis and implications going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Who would benefit from a genetic counselling consultation?

Anyone who is concerned about the risk of a genetic condition for themselves, a child or future children.

Some of the most common reasons for individuals seeking genetic counselling include:

  • Personal or family history of cancer

  • To clarify the risk of a genetic condition in a future pregnancy

  • To clarify the risk of a genetic condition in an ongoing pregnancy

  • A child with a recent genetic diagnosis

  • An adult with a genetic diagnosis who would like to discuss the implications going forward

What is the cost of a genetic counselling consultation?

Initial Genetic Counselling Consultation – R1400

Follow Up Consultation - R700


Kindly note that KLGC is a cash practice.

All consultation fees must be settled prior to online consultations or on the day of in person consultations. 

Credit / debit card payments are accepted.


A receipt will be provided with the relevant medical aid codes to submit for reimbursement.

Does medical aid cover the cost of a

genetic counselling consultation?

The cost of the session is covered by many medical aids,

but it does vary based on your specific

medical aid and plan details.

If you would like to confirm medical aid coverage prior to your appointment please use the following details;

ICD-10 code Z31.5, Procedure code is 609 208.

What happens during a genetic counselling consultation?

  • A review of your personal medical history.

  • Obtaining a family history of at least three generations, documenting health concerns and genetic conditions

  • A discussion of the genetic condition including information about the possible cause, inheritance, risk to other family members and risk to future pregnancies. 

  • Discussion of available genetic testing options, including benefits and limitations of the tests. 

  • Addressing the possible genetic test results and implications of results.

  • Discussion of management, treatment and preventative options, when appropriate. 

  • Facilitating the genetic testing process and discussion of practical issues with regards to timing and cost.

  • Providing a supportive environment for an individual, couple or family to make the most appropriate and decision for them based on the information received.

  • If genetic testing is undertaken, results are discussed in a follow up consultation and will be communicated with the referring clinician.

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What if I have already had a genetic test?

While it is beneficial to have a genetic counsellor involved to discuss the most appropriate testing strategy

based on the available information, if a genetic test has already been done, a genetic counsellor can help you to understand the implications of results based on your personal and family history information as well as discussing potential medical management issues.


A genetic counsellor can also help to address the implications of both positive or negative test

results for wider family members.

Where do you offer consultations?

Mediclinic Midstream in the Midstream Hill Medical Park – Fridays

International Gateway Business Park, Corner New Rd and 6th Rd, Midrand  – Wednesdays and Thursdays


Online consultations offered using a variety of online platforms.

In recent years genetic technology has become more accessible to individuals in South Africa and this is going to continue to increase in the future. The invaluable experience I gained while working the UK has provided me with the skills and confidence needed to establish my own practice. 
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