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About me

I am a registered genetic counsellor with more than 15 years’ experience, in both research and clinical settings. I returned to South Africa in 2018 with my husband and young children, after more than 10 years in the United Kingdom.

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What I Do

Since returning to South Africa I have started working in private practice as well as part time for Next Biosciences, a local biotechnology company with a focus on reproductive genetic testing.


I approach my sessions in a calm and empathic way to

make sense of complex genetic information, in what are often challenging circumstances for individuals who seek genetic counselling.

What exactly is genetic counselling?

Genetic information can be complex and is often overwhelming.


As genetic counsellors, we aim to make information about how a genetic condition may affect an

individual or family, clear and easy to understand.


The process involves assessing family history, providing risk assessments, discussing the cause and inheritance of a condition, and then, in some cases, guiding individuals and families through the available genetic testing options.


We help individuals to understand the implications of any genetic test results for themselves as well as

their families, while providing the necessary support.

As well as focusing on the individual who has been diagnosed with a genetic

condition, genetic counsellors see the family as a whole and address the concerns of relatives by providing information regarding risk and possible options going forward.


For individuals with a

personal diagnosis or a family history of cancer.



For couples who would like to clarify the risk of a genetic condition in a future or current pregnancy, or those who have experienced pregnancy loss.


To discuss and explain what to expect following your child’s diagnosis of a genetic condition.

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For individuals who have received a diagnosis of a late onset condition or those who would like to discuss the implications of a genetic diagnosis in more detail.

Therapy Sessions
Holding Hands

More Information

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About My
All The 
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In recent years genetic technology has become more accessible to individuals in South Africa and this is going to continue to increase in the future. The invaluable experience I gained while working the UK has provided me with the skills and confidence needed to establish my own practice. 
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